Activate 25 Digit Key

How To Activate And Download McAfee Antivirus With A 25 Digit Key?

You can get started with the activation by entering the product key at with Activate McAfee (Download And Activate McAfee With 25 Digit Key).

Step By Step Activation Of McAfee Antivirus With 25 Digit Key Is Given Below:

  • Firstly, enter your 25 digit code which is on the card (The code on the back of the card For Activate Livesafe)
  • Secondly, Log in your McAfee account and click on the download button. If you don’t have a McAfee account, create a new one .
  • In addition to this, select the McAfee product from the list to download to your computer.
  • Click on run the McAfee installation program when the downloading is finish.
  • Lastly, Scan your computer, After scanning, your computer will be secure.

McAfee 25 Digit Key

Locate Your Activation Code Behind Your McAfee Activate Card.

The 25 digit code is located under a silver strip provided behind the McAfee retail card. You need to gently scratch off the silver strip to reveal the McAfee activation code.

The McAfee activation code is 25 digit long and unique and is alpha-numerical.The McAfee activate code is what you need to enter at the first stage while attempting to download; and install McAfee at

It is not only necessary that you enter the 25 digit McAfee key properly without any error but also important; in order to move ahead to the second stage.After you have entered the 25 digit McAfee Activate key, click on submit to proceed to the Second step.At the second step; you will have to enter your email address, then click on submit to proceed to the final step.If you already have an existing McAfee Account with the same email address; it will ask you to enter your McAfee Account password, and especially if it is a new McAfee account; it will ask you to create a password.After which you will be able to download and install McAfee.


In case if you face any issues with the installation of your McAfee, you can contact McAfee Customer Service.